The Marriage of Sex and Spirit


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"Presents a wealth of relationship knowledge all in one place and can be an extremely useful resource to those who wish to learn more and improve their interactions with others. Margot Anand proposes a thought that was completely new to me and one I find intriguing. She says that, 'Orgasm brings us closer to the divine than any other experience…a bonding happens between the right and left hemispheres of the brain… The ego disappears, time and space cease to exist and you become one with energy and consciousness. This is the sacred dimension of sex.'", May 2007 (Click for full review)

"Who doesn't want to improve their relationships? The idea of expanding the awareness and integration of spirituality into intimate relationships is something that I think will be critical not just to the improvement of individual relationships but to planetary health. The subject matter, and authors like Chopra, Myss, Church and Thich Nhat Hahn caught my attention initially, and while I enjoyed these established thinkers of our time I also enjoyed the newer voices like Courtney Arnold and Jeanne House among others. As with most anthologies, I didn't agree with everything, but there is so much good information that it far outweighed that which didn't resonate.
"This book contains real world information by some brilliant people that can be applied in relationships starting today. If you really want to experience not just good but truly successful and fulfilling relationships, the collective wisdom in books like this just might give you the direction and clarity to do just that!"

John Stone Fitness, Jan 2007