The Marriage of Sex and Spirit
An Exciting New Anthology

Coauthors and Chapter Working Titles
The Marriage of Sex and Spirit

JOHN GRAY: The Blame Box
CAROLINE MYSS: Leaving the Wounded Relationship Tribe
WAYNE DYER: Four Pathways to Mastery
MARGOT ANAND: Truth Is Erotic
DEEPAK CHOPRA: Sacred Marriage
LEO BUSCAGLIA: Couple Rituals & Traditions
JOHN WELWOOD: On the Razor’s Edge
BARBARA BRENNAN: Energy Fields in Human Relationships
JOHN TRAVIS: Why Men Leave
LEONARD SHLAIN: How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Evolution
BARBARA MARX HUBBARD: The Supra Sexual Revolution
GAY HENDRICKS: The Chemistry of Blame
THICH NHAT HANH: Embracing Negative Energies
JUDITH ORLOFF: Dreaming Light into Black Emotions
HARRIET LERNER: Love Can Make You Stupid
SCOTT PECK: Smart Selfishness vs. Stupid Selfishness
RIANE EISLER: Changing Old Life Scripts
THOMAS MOORE: Shadow of the Soul