The Marriage of Sex and Spirit


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Single Americans Top Fifty Percent of Adults

Figures released by the census bureau in its periodic detailing of American households continue to produce surprises. Statistics show that, far from being a neglected minority, more than half of adult Americans are single. This figure dramatizes the breakdown of the nuclear family that was the norm a generation ago.

Yet the fragmentation of society, with its unprecendented changes to our social norms, holds many opportunities, according to the authors of a new book, The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (Elite Books, $24.95, hardback, ISBN 0-9710888-6-1, Drawing on recent discoveries in science, psychology, economics, education and medicine, they point out that many single people are single by choice.

Being single has become a voluntary act, rather than a sign of the failure to find a mate. Many single Americans have discovered that not being part of a couple affords them increased opportunities to travel, to develop their creativity, and to focus on their spiritual growth, free from the constraints of family and marriage. Some contributors to the anthology go further; Dr. John Travis believes that, "The Northern European cultures have, in the name of civilization and progress, gradually destroyed the tribe/village/extended family/community and replaced it with the nuclear family disaster."

The anthology's fourty-five contributors demonstrate that the options available to single people are greater than ever before. Freed from the expectations that constrained previous generations, today's single people are creating lives of increased meaning and purpose for themselves. By the age at which her grandmother might have been an "old maid," the woman of today might just be getting started on a dynamic new career, a transformative exercise and nutrition track, or an expanded artistic pursuit.

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